Wedding Album Design Service by Sam Dawson

For many years now newlyweds have been buying image only deals as their photography package, wishing sometime later that they had included a wedding album in that package. Therefore Sam Dawson Photography now offer a wedding album design service which includes:

  • Consultation to select an album and cover of your choice.
  • Digital image correction and optimisation of up to 200 images to ensure best quality print finish.
  • An online proofing service for you to view and approve your album once it has been designed.

Prices start from £450.00 for a 10"inch, square, 15 page 30 sides, layflat digital photographic book with a leather cover. Other sizes and a full range of cover options are available on request.

Together, we can design the perfect album to capture the memories of your day. For further information or to start your wedding album journey please call 07976738577 or email [email protected].

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